a little christmas

Lex is finally home, it was well after 11pm when Jason and I arrived at the tiny (most utterly charming) depot to pick her up. It was completely empty when we arrived, the night was bitterly crisp, but the little station built in the early 1900s was so warm and cozy. Like children we excitedly ran out onto the platform with every phantom train sound we heard,Continue reading “a little christmas”


Greetings from the porch. All this came yesterday, it was 2º F when we woke up today & it warmed up to 13º :) ************************************************************ I’m hosting the December “A Dolly Holiday” doll show in the GTT (Good Things Together) group on Ravelry, show and share runs December 12th- December 16th and the social hour is from now until the endContinue reading “Greetings”