I am …

a pockets on everything dangly charm bracelet wearing wool hoarder. Who appreciates a semi-tidy, lightly stuffed with “options” knitting bag, complete with a second fold-away bag tucked inside just incase of acquisitions/overflow, sprinkle in a few torn out magazine perfume samples for added smelling pleasure (that slow sock is kicking my buns, but is madeContinue reading “I am …”

spring web

Lace like webs, limey yellow color, wool dotted with specks of pink glass. Never having used beads in my knits before .. now it’s all I want! Vintage flower corsage (bought at auction) delicate handwritten note pinned to the backside “Ruth’s from her Cotillion Ball, she made it herself”. So sweet, thanks Ruth ♥  I should hope to feel everyContinue reading “spring web”