garter, lace & roses

Some of my favorite things to make consist mostly of simple shapes, dense garter stitch

or intricate lace worked up thick and topped with tiny delicately crocheted roses.

Sometimes I’ll take the same but different lovey idea,

and make baby sized garter and plumped up flowers for days.

Always in my favorite beigey hues true for my wool picks and often my lipsticks 💕

2 thoughts on “garter, lace & roses

  1. This picture caught my eye on ravelry. The colours and the project bag… do you make these bags? Can they be ordered!? I’d like one of that is what you do… :-)
    Thanks, Kate


    1. Thank you! I do make the bags, I’ve been meaning to put a few into my etsy shop, but they are selling before I even get the chance! I am hoping to get a few extra moments in my sewing room to make a few more, but sadly my time is very limited at the moment so I don’t know when that will happen. Because of this I’m also unable to take custom orders at this time. So sorry :(



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