Let’s call it January

Beginning 2019 pretty much like I ended 2018 Slightly off center, in hopeful muddy pinks & greys, with a little cut & sew, chapped hands and of course a smidge of the grumps. I hope 2018 was kind to you and that 2019 is even more so πŸ’•

studio official

It didn’t get painted, but it did get a pretty decent makeover. πŸ’• I reorganized, but now I don’t remember where I put everything. πŸ’• It didn’t get very minimalist, but it did get a thorough clearing out and decluttering  πŸ’• I didn’t take before photos ..why didn’t I take any before photos?!? (Mostly because I’m lame, butContinue reading “studio official”

Late August

The changing light softens my rush, slow knits and murky colors are now filling my thoughts. I’m ready to breathe again, life’s been slightly uncomfortable and filled with much too much stuff. I only have the tiniest of sock toes to show. The oaks are shedding and the squirrels are bickering about it. Again withContinue reading “Late August”