studio official


It didn’t get painted, but it did get a pretty decent makeover. 💕

I reorganized, but now I don’t remember where I put everything. 💕

It didn’t get very minimalist, but it did get a thorough clearing out and decluttering  💕

I didn’t take before photos ..why didn’t I take any before photos?!? (Mostly because I’m lame, but I guess there have been a few scattered throughout the blog posts over the years.)

I don’t miss the window view from my desk or being blinded by the morning sun or being on display at night, but I do bump my head on the slope a little more often. 💕

It’s called ‘the art room’ 99.5% of the time, because studio sounds too official for my unofficialness. 💕

8 thoughts on “studio official

  1. Your space is a work of art.
    In the third posted photo are bars with hangars. Can you share to source for these wonderful tools to display inspiring fibers and textiles.
    It’s such a joy to gaze upon.


    1. Thank you Jane 💕

      The rails are from Ikea, found in the kitchen/storage section (not sure they still have this style, mine are 10+ years old) but they have things similar, with all sorts of hanging tool holders to mix and match!



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