pincushions aren’t weird

I know it’s dishcloth time, but I’m always busy doing loads of other things too. Sometimes I forget to share or think it’s too lame to share, I need to get better at sharing more, even if it’s just a bizarre off beat thought, a funny situation, or a passionate opinion. I don’t know whyContinue reading “pincushions aren’t weird”

the thing about socks

..they aren’t just for your feet.. I adore sock monkeys, well anything sock animal, well REALLY anything that is practical/useful, that has a dual purpose & the ability of turning into something ultra sweet like sock animals! Recently I picked up this sock monkey book, it’s printed on a heavy weight matte stock (it feels soContinue reading “the thing about socks”

Bed Linens

I love a beautiful bed, I see them at stores and in magazines and imagine falling onto a big billowy pile of fluffy cotton wonderful. Crisp eyelet lace, white on white antique iron beds, piled high with grandmas quilts, a ridiculous amount of squishy pillows, a fantastic high bed you have to crawl up onto, aContinue reading “Bed Linens”