I live in a wonderfully terrible turn of the century farmhouse, wonderful for the practical simplicity & old-time charm, terrible for the upkeep and drafts. If you live in an older home you know exactly what I mean. I don’t think there is a straight wall in my house…rest assured it is solid & strong,Continue reading “NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE”

A Merit Badge

I have always had a thing for pinback buttons, brooches & badges. I love them huge, I love them tiny, I love them kitschy, I love them silly I love them sweet. Some I don’t love at all, but still keep them, how can you throw away something so useful! Here is a super project to put those oldContinue reading “A Merit Badge”

busy…um yeah!

Busy setting up shop & doing a little designing. I have always loved sorting out the fine details, making it perfect and finding simplicity & beauty in a complex idea. Currently I have been working on the beekeepers quilt a simple but challenging knit project, the idea is simple, knit individual little honeycomb hexagons, stuffContinue reading “busy…um yeah!”