busy testing

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately doing a little pattern testing for a few fellow designers. (I think I like the distraction from the guilt I feel when I haven’t designed something in a while ..I wish I wasn’t so self-making lazy!)

(It’s averaging 90º +) but I couldn’t resist the insane texture of Thomasina Cummings Curling Leaves Candlewick Shawl. Made in anticipation of our blustery subzero winters & drafty old house, I was longing for an over the top, smooshy, heavy ruffled wrap to nestle into. Made with recycled yarn in a dirty butter color, this is irresistible on every level. This lovingly became my Golden Fleece aka Big Bird.

 BOW TIES ARE COOL ..I couldn’t help adding a little DOCTOR to the collar of this smart little baby sweater, made from the Little Diamonds Jumper/Tank Top pattern.  

I don’t know what it is with me & baby bibs, but I can’t seem to get enough of them (perfectly useful gift and little baby fashion statement all in one!) This beautifully simple chevron bib was made soft and absorbent with lovely linen & cotton yarn. Another wonderful Thomasina Cummings design: Bandana Bib.

Good Lord this hat is so syrupy sweet & ridiculously cute! I made the grownup size in a natural tweed yarn for lex. …because you know, most 17 year olds want big adorable barn owls perched on their heads! Wonderful baby to adult size Hooty Owl Hat pattern from Briana Olsen.

..really need to be cracking the chalklegs whip ..go go gusto!

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