Mostly Happy

Checking in from planet awkward, just south of galactic center (aka) Jason’s laptop!

We are in a crazy mostly happy mess of graduation speeches (Alexa is the commencement speaker), college plans, AP exams, first ever (non-volunteer, but still non-profit) job interviews, prepping our one & only for a fall move out to Boston, oral surgery (Lex needs her wisdom teeth out!), not to mention the 1900 house and grounds needs some “pre-party” TLC. Iif you come to Alexa’s graduation party and the house looks like total crap, just know all that money we didn’t spend on the cosmetics, is helping put Alexa through school!

Amidst all the freakouts, tears and frazzle induced arguments,  we are trying to keep things pretty light & loving aroud here, this is my happy lately…

I don’t even know what this is or where it came from ..LMAO.. I found it on Jason’s laptop (this is why I adore him so :)

Every baby I will ever meet, will get this hat in their welcome bundle, I love it that much! It’s perfectly seamless from beginning to end & the included flower is really cleverly constructed too, best of all it goes all the way up to ADULT sizes!

Pattern is Perfectly Pixie Bonnet by Thomasina Cummings.

Little summer sandals, for little summer feet!

Pattern is Baby Sandals Espadrille Shoe Booties by Two Girls Patterns.

Going for very intellectual collegiate, with just a pinch of Dr. Who meets Mr. Rogers as a baby.

Bert’s looking well-dressed in his little cardigan, especially in this classic “old man” color.

Pattern is Bow Tie Baby by Rhiannon McCulloch.

With my computer still a wreck, I have been getting most of my basic web happy from my nook hybrid, we’ve become BFF’s, all cozy sitting on my lazy end of the couch!

What’s this nook hybrid you ask? Well it’s completely AWESOME and turned my plain old B&N Nook into a android tablet, with access to all the google play games and apps! In our home, we have both the nook and a kindle and never have the 2 mingled, until now, with the apps we can read B&N books, Amazon ones too, along with using the overdrive library, my inside barely there bookworm is content! You can customize the SD card with android jellybean, CM7.2 gingerbread, Miui or JOY and put it all on a 8,16 or 32 GB SD (oops, I just flashed my inner nerd). Oooh I almost forgot, it also gives it Bluetooth capabilities! Pop out the SD card and it’s back to a regular old nook, no harm. AFN is where I got this magic!


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