Back at it

I have a sweater sweet spot, and this favorite from 2018 is now roughly 2″ shy of it. Adding some length to my Ranunculus, I’m using a needle to pick up one of the legs of each stitch around, just below the ribbing prior to unpicking the bind off and ripping back. I love top down sweaters and beautiful yarn and the fact that nothing has to be permanent ..someday this sweater could be something completely different.

Doing whatever it takes to keep on loving a knit, sometimes it’s starting completely over, sometimes it’s ripping back and re-knitting with that ripped back, jacked up, crinkle yarn ..which is probably the worst part because it makes my stitches look so much more rough than usual.

But, everything will fall back in place after a long soak and a good blocking.

This is my idea of good blocking – After soaking, I pull it out of the sink and squeeze as much of the water out as I can, then I lay it on a thick bath towel, fold the towel over on itself and walk all over it, squeezing even more water out, next blop it on these 3’x3′ industrial interlocking rubber floor mats I got at Costco, pull it taunt, really open everything up, pin the crap out of it, get everything uniform and straight, let it air dry a few hours/overnight and when it’s still ever so slightly damp, unpin it all and let it relax and tighten up.

Hitting just right now, with yarn to spare know just in case my heart needs that something different someday I talked about earlier.

Weird bear filter to the rescue, I’m sometimes this cute, but not on the first try.

Pattern: Ranunculus by Midori Hirose.

Yarn: Ash Lawn Collection by Cestari colorway mint.

Entering my snowman era.

With more on the way this week, another 15″-20″ expected. Dang.

All I’m going to say is it sparkles so I had to. I also picked up some acid dyes to make some dreamy coloways.

I hope your 2023 has been giving you everything you need. ♡

2 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Ahh . . . I remember Ranunculus. I believe I favorited it in my Ravelry account. Happy to see you back at it. Your model photo is adorable. I also adore your snowy landscapes. Wish I was there.



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