Our year ends in sadness as we say goodbye to one of our best pals. Our sweet, kiki do as she pleases, grouch girl was 16 years old and she was ours almost exactly half that time. We are grateful to have enjoyed you as long as we did, snorgles till the very end.

♡ heartbroken

6 thoughts on “kiki

  1. Our precious furry friends never leave us. They find a place in our hearts and there they will stay … forever So sorry for your loss.


  2. Awwww . . . Kiki, beautiful, sweet, sweet girl. I always loved seeing Kiki on your posts. Just recently I thought I hadn’t seen her in a while and hoped you hadn’t lost her. Then she was back. And now she’s really gone. I’m heartbroken with you, too. Only consolation: that she was so well loved by you guys for eight years. Will be thinking of you.



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