the facts

These birdseye maple floors were trapped under orange shag carpet when we moved in.

A chubby Arctic narwhal in a sweater is a little more than half the size of a skein of English wool, if you include his tooth, he’s bigger.

That’s a bag shaped basket, full of bags. It’s funny, the baskets body has a faux knitted texture, and the bags inside are for actual real knitting.

A small batch, minimal impact English wool.

That little English sheep looks sad.

We needed new footstools, I swear the extra yarn storage was an added bonus. I can fit 62, 100g skeins of wool inside, are you happy now little English sheep?

I store my wool with scented soap chunks, my wool smells flipping amazing.

Kiki weights as much as 81 skeins of English wool.

6 thoughts on “the facts

  1. Love your little narwhal….and you’ve inspired me to weigh Jack.Jack who is the same shape and almost certainly the same size as Kikki!

  2. I heart Kiki! she does her own thing. But she doesn’t try to eat the narwhal? (really great narwhal btw) FACT: My cats would shred that narwhal and eat it and leave the bits in their water bowl, because they are fluffy hoodlums.

    1. Haha I love this …๐Ÿ˜„ fluffy hoodlums!

      Yeah, Kiki is super chill about the woolly things, a wine cork in a plastic bag is her sort of crazy!


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