3 seconds of spring

We woke to sun and the street sweeps buzzing about and thought for a moment “SPRING!” but that was soon wiped away with a slap of sleeting snow that the weatherman called graupel, which lead to a quizzical look from Jason and a shared “wth did the weatherman just say” moment, which then lead to a google search..

Graupel (German pronunciation: [ˈɡʁaʊpəl]; English /ˈɡrpəl/, also called soft hail or snow pellets)

So ok, yeah, it graupeled (sp?) today and I feel a tad smarter and a smidge more German for new words!

Worn blue jean NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE in a graupel storm?

There is definitely not any graupel in this picture.. my little sweet potato all sacked up like a spring present ♥ and she’ll be home in about a month!

Spring rabbits ..again caught in a graupel storm!

(in all honesty Miss Maggie was made quite awhile ago for a special someone, so technically she was pre-graupel)

..and for no reason other than making me completely happy

everyday needs more Koigu 
..and proving I basically spend my days in a knitters candy shop!

koigu kpppm, now with added graupel!


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