Cotton Wool

To say I like colors to match is a little bit misleading, while I love a good contrast, a perfect match that’s beautifully coordinating, takes me to a whole other place. To prove it, I made a cute milky chocolate bag all in one fabric, in my usual style, just to see how it would look to be completely matched throughout. I used a standard weight cotton so it had to be interfaced, and yes I’m still terrible at iron on interfacing and yes it looks like elephant skin ..but I think it might have partly been my technique, because I’ve actually read the directions since and you are supposed to use a lot of steam! I should probably just stick with sew in interfacing, sturdy canvas/cotton duck for my structure. The handles are okish, slightly plump from using a fleece interfacing inside, but I’m rough on handles and like them to stay looking brand new even after hard use, and these will crumple, I mean they already are, but in a pinch and if I didn’t have spools of cotton webbing on hand, these would work perfectly fine, not to mention they match exactly. I like the drawstring, I might even like the look better than cord, but it’s not as smooth of a draw closed as cording, so that’s something.

..but I still really really love it..

l feel like I haven’t knit much, things are getting done but almost don’t count because they’ve mostly been repeat stuff, my favorite makes, my mindless knits, socks, hats, the same old same old comfort knitting.

I cast on a Tiny Tassels in my favorite Koigu wool because it was one of the oldest queued patterns in my library and one of the oldest yarns in my stash, and the combination felt boring enough to be thoroughly enjoyable.

I made a glow in the dark bottle of milk (stitch marker) for my new shawl and a funny little strawberry shaker for my new elephant bag.

Using a dk weight wool for a larger shawl.

A finished tassel-less Tiny Tassels, not sure if it will ever get tasseled either.

..but I still I really really love it..

It’s Friday and I hope you’re doing alright. 💕

three year scarf

I am kind of in love with knitting that looks like weaving .. even if it takes me 3 years to make!

Loads of perfectly tiny knots, all lined up nice and neat, keeping things tidy .. worth every moment of 3 years!

In the beginning I was fearful that it would become tedious and that I would fixate on quickly finishing and then get pissy that it was taking so long. But really it has calmed me towards the idea of keeping an ongoing unfinished project (not something I usually do) and just working on it whenever .. three years later, turns out I’m perfectly OK having a long lagging project hanging around, in fact I kind of let it lax even more so because I had no predetermined end date in my head ..nice!
(Working with koigu always helps ♥)

Honestly though, I am still very much a monogamous knitter .. who may soon be starting another three year scarf !

3 seconds of spring

We woke to sun and the street sweeps buzzing about and thought for a moment “SPRING!” but that was soon wiped away with a slap of sleeting snow that the weatherman called graupel, which lead to a quizzical look from Jason and a shared “wth did the weatherman just say” moment, which then lead to a google search..

Graupel (German pronunciation: [ˈɡʁaʊpəl]; English /ˈɡrpəl/, also called soft hail or snow pellets)

So ok, yeah, it graupeled (sp?) today and I feel a tad smarter and a smidge more German for new words!

Worn blue jean NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE in a graupel storm?

There is definitely not any graupel in this picture.. my little sweet potato all sacked up like a spring present ♥ and she’ll be home in about a month!

Spring rabbits ..again caught in a graupel storm!

(in all honesty Miss Maggie was made quite awhile ago for a special someone, so technically she was pre-graupel)

..and for no reason other than making me completely happy

everyday needs more Koigu 
..and proving I basically spend my days in a knitters candy shop!

koigu kpppm, now with added graupel!