into the pink with cat blob

Flash of pink inside, that peeks out just ever so slightly. Worked first (30) of brim in hot pink, including the purl round for the turn, then switched to main body color and worked as written.

Pattern: Midas Hat by Laura Reinbach.

all production halts due to sleepy cat blob, this is kiki aka baby godzilla or kikachu. ♥

Pattern: Tunisian Shell Shawl by Elena Fedotova.

Worked in 8/2 wetspun linen.

2 thoughts on “into the pink with cat blob

  1. Did you get a new kitty blob….did it adopt you? I LoVe that Tunisian shell I’ve got to figure that one out too. But the pinks in this post have me drooling….what is going to happen with that t-shirt string??? I’m so intrigued. :-)


    1. I was super intrigued too, but now I have no idea what to do with it :D …how comical would it be if I knit it back into a t-shirt!! Haha!!! Kiki is new to us, but she is a cranky old girl (and so perfect♥)



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