head like a hat

My husband has a fantastic head and to that he loves a great hat, all styles, all sorts. Our daughter ..adorable.. (I can think a 19 year old is still adorable right!?!) with her fantastic hair and like her daddy a fantastic head for a hat. There was never a lack of enthusiasm towards a new chapeau coming off the needles, she would scoop it up and dash off the very second it was finished ♥ ..but me, I never considered myself much of a hat person (except seasonally as a kid, in my purple and white thick ribbed E.T. hat, but really as an adult, never.)

I always thought it was a hair thing, either I didn’t want to mess it up and static charge the frizz or it was that pixie cut, that made my big head look big weird in a hat!? ..but really, I thinking maybe it was I just never found that perfect hat, that wonderful hat that makes me feel so perfectly me ♥ a little sexy, a little quirky, a little sadly sweet “please love me“, and oh yes just a little tude.

– Hats On –
 Hats Off (pattern: Lutz Jump by Monika Sirna)– Hats On -Hats Off (pattern: Eupatorium Hat by Corrina Ferguson)– Hats On –
Hats Off (pattern: Memoirs by Melissa Schaschwary)– Hats On –
I’m romanced by this one so much, and recently I did something I had never done ..wore a hat as part of an outfit and not just something to be removed upon arrival! (I will admit I got kind of sweaty warm wearing it (hot blooded female + sweaty head = kinda gross) and thought “crap now what ..I can’t exactly take it off and somehow NOT have super f’d up shabby hair! I endured for fashions sake ..rosy cheeked and all ♥)

Hats Off (pattern: Nollie Hat by Monika Sirna)I truly hope you never start to mind my sesame street like posts ♥

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