This Became This

A review of sorts…

– This (creamy banana sublime with speckled koigu)

became this (creamed color)

Pattern: Color Therapy by Lena Fedotova.

 – This (silk & cotton kudo)

became this (rhubarb stripe)

Pattern: Lente by Monika Sirna.

This (bulky blue wad of cascade eco +)

became this (big blue cocoon of gorgeous craziness for Lex)

Pattern: Cabernet Infinity Scarf – aran by Monika Sirna.

– This (cinnamon cotton)

became this (amazing swirling layer of shelly tunisian crochet)

Pattern: Tunisian Shell Blanket by Lena Fedotova.

 ..Oh yeah then there was this (squishy cute, super warm, wicked fast, everything I love in a winter knit, with a pom-pom on top!)

Pattern: Pogonip Hat by Monika Sirna.

We were -13° F yesterday!

2 thoughts on “This Became This

    1. I completely agree, I wasn’t expecting stripes from the kudo, honestly I don’t know what I expected (lol) but I’m seriously loving the rhubarb/garden radish color layer thing its got going on ♥



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