making me happy

As we sift through 18 years of life, and try to fit a futures worth into a few suitcases, our hearts are excited at her possibilities, happy with her choices and saddened with her absence. It’s becoming more real by the day, that she will begin to explore and create her own new life on the east coast in just a couple of weeks. The supply lists are checked off, class schedules are set (she is taking Mandarin!), the take and leave piles are sorted (and ever-changing), the hints about LOTS of care packages are duly noted, and the bank account is much lighter. There is also just a smidge of attitude, topped off with ramblings of happiness, this tells us she is ready!

Old Mill Pond Mural

(Old Mill Pond Mural)

Alexa has been filling her last weeks at home volunteering as a mural painters apprentice! Several other local art students are also working with the artist, who was commissioned by the Historical Society to create 2 large murals depicting images from historic photographs of our quaint little mill town.

Harvest Mural

(Harvest Mural)

Her name is even on it, in tiny letters right up there, actually painted on by Alexa!

While she has been away getting painty, bruised and sunburned, I decided to spend a dedicated amount of time making something wonderful to tag along with her to Boston. We’ll miss you silly girl, please don’t get too annoyed at receiving boxes filled with momish things, cereal, bulk snacks and dad’s funny newspaper clippings!

Could you tell why making this hippopotamus I was completely inspired by porcelain lace, pale plasterwork ceilings, lincrusta panels and anaglyptic papers.

Pattern: Happypotamus The Happy Hippo Crochet Pattern from Heidi Bears.

(psst she has loads of other beautiful animals in this lovely style of crochet!)

4 thoughts on “making me happy

  1. The murals are beautiful. I especially like the way the top one seems to be “framed” by the plants around it. There are some murals in the downtown area where I live, and while they are not as pretty as yours, I like they way they bring art and history out of a gallery or museum and put them where everyone in the community can enjoy them. Good luck to your daughter—have you ever heard the old saying about the goal of parenthood being your own obsolescence?


  2. Oh my what a fun summer job, lucky girl! How proud you will be every time you pass these murals and know that she left a little part of herself, her mark on her town!!! CHINESE!!!…..what a SMART girl and wonderful woman she is becoming Amanda. A bittersweet time for the whole family. I wish Alexa well on her journey. The joy of exploring and learning making new lifetime friends. The world truly is her oyster ♥
    Bring lots of Kleenex for your good-bye’s… know for Mom & Dad (⌒-⌒; )


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