Saturday (2 weeks in)

Taking long pauses with lots of cuddles, we are still trying to find our usefulness, and slowly get into the grove of life with one less  ..but in reality nothing is the same, the room is dark, the door is closed (because we all know bijou kitty is never sorry for barfing on your bed :) our girl of 18 years is off making her own way, having a whole bunch of amazing firsts, far away from our quite little house. We get peeks into her new world through video chat, texts and phone calls, it makes it less heartbreaky all around when we know we can talk anytime.

This was our first stop after leaving Lex on campus. Jason and I had never been to a Dunkin’ Doughnuts and out east they seem to be on every corner, so we had our very own first! The counter girl seemed slightly annoyed with our giddy indecision when ordering.

Doughnuts not pictured, boston cream and coconut!

Cheers Lex (XOXO)

I didn’t do any knitting or crocheting on the trip and not even that much complaining about the tolls, road food or my swollen ankles from the long car ride! I think I was just focused on the 3 of us having a fantastic time together, spending these last few days of Alexa’s childhood as a family trio. ♥

It wasn’t until we were back home and several days later that I even had the desire to pick up a hook. Obviously winter (wooly hat!) and Lex coming back are filling my mind, she is my main hat & cowl recipient. The La Mar Hat pattern by Yuliya Tkacheva (aka Ms. Weaver) brought me back, with its unique beauty, sturdy structure and it should be absolutely perfect for those harsh nor’easters!

I’m still working on not being so somber, I will admit I got a little emotional at seeing only 2 toothbrushes in the stand, but she’ll be back in no time, taking the train home for Christmas. What a beautiful snowy scenic postcard trip by rail that will be!


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