My husband is a vinyl guy, he collects (hoards) & prefers to listen to music on LP. Needless to say we hit A LOT of record shops!

The Electric Fetus is an indie record shop in Minneapolis, Lex & I never mind tagging along to this shop.

Mostly because in addition to piles & piles of records for Jason to look through, they have aisles & aisles of crazy quirky items for us to look through.

On this trip Jason left with Booker T. & the MG’s and the newest Brass Messengers, Lex & I left with a lunchbox, stickers & several adorable to us pinbacks. OH yeah, and a box of pickle shaped Band-Aids!

This place has really excellent ceilings too!

We haven’t been to the new Hymie’s Records location on Lake, but we really loved the old musty/dusty Hymies, digging for treasure!

One thought on “ELECTRIC fetus

  1. Whoa! We have a ton of vinyl at our house too, Amanda! Whenever we go out of town, Larry and I seek out old record shops in addition to yarny pursuits! In fact, our 2-car garage is full of record shelves. A car will never see the inside of that garage! Everytime I crochet a round potholder or dishcloth, Larry says it’s really a cozy for one of his prized 45’s!!!



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