Dog Days

His name is plain old Gram, but his full name (that gets added to constantly) is Gramulus Romulus Barkus Flatus Frankfurter Punxsutawney Twiglet.

He’s mostly a good boy, but sometimes he’s a total jerk.

He’s a shortie, a little big guy at 90 lbs (long & low).

He tots & pops around like an excited pink belly pig hippo & his hind chops have little feathered hair wings!

We lovingly call him gram-dog or gram-chop or gram-paw or gram-bo and sometimes our bubsy.

He likes carrots :)

2 thoughts on “Dog Days

    1. lol..everything gives him that, he is also a burper (yuck!) I think it’s because he is a weird shape (basset hound lab mix) and he’s really talkative ..always huffing, puffing & grunting at us.’s totally gross, but at the same time part of his charm :D



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