For Gram

Our hearts are completely broken, the tears are constantly streaming with all the love and sadness as we say goodnight to our sometimes terrible, always wonderful Good Boy Gram. too bubsy too xoxo

Dog Days

His name is plain old Gram ..but his full name (that gets added to constantly) is Gramulus Romulus Barkus Flatus Frankfurter Punxsutawney Twiglet.

He’s mostly a good boy …but sometimes he’s a total jerk.

He’s a shortie ..a little big guy at 90 lbs (long & low).

He tots & pops around like an excited pink belly pig hippo & his hind chops have little feathered hair wings!

We lovingly call him gram-dog or gram-chop or gram-paw or gram-bo and sometimes our bubsy.

He likes carrots :)