Be Your Own Betsy Ross

Why not add some sweet old-time charm to the house front & crochet up your very own flag!

This Pattern is from an old 1942 Spool Cotton Company booklet entitled Gift Shopping with Crochet, Book 191.

I fell for this flag straight off! I love things like this, things that are a little quirky & perfectly useful! When I read into the pattern, I had a mini fit, it was made using thread & steel hooks (yikes)! This flag would take FOREVER, but I neeeeed it, so I modified mine just a little. Using good old cheap, colorfast, indestructible & fast drying (no mold here) worsted acrylic & a 5mm hook, I set off to be my own flag maker! 

Original pattern also has 50 small thread crochet stars all neatly in rows, again seriously involved, so I opted for an Americana type ring of stars. I used the patterns star instructions, but just made them with the acrylic.

If you’d like to have a go at being your own Betsy Ross, you can find this pattern for free right here! (P.S I linked it up on Ravelry Pattern Page too :)

Perfect for Memorial day, 4th of July or just for something different, be the only one on your block or in your town with a handmade flag!

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