Ending like I began or beginning like I ended.

When I first taught myself to crochet most of my hooks, patterns and yarns were found second hand, so a lot of what I made had a modern granny feel, studying the patterns, memorizing the terms and learning the delicate movements of thread crochet gave me such an appreciation for the tools, the dedication of time and most of all the makers. The only sad thing with second hand is you rarely know the history of what you have, how much love was poured through it or how many hours of joy it gave, still to this day I have a hard time leaving any vintage hook, or booklet behind.

I can only hope 100 years from now someone finds my crochet hook collection as endearingly sweet as I find these old tools. 💕

Ending a decade like I began it, and heading into a fresh new one the same, with a deep love for handmade and history and crocheting snowflakes. 💕

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Pattern: Inscribed Snowflake by Julia Hart

I’ve updated my starching method from homemade sugar slurry to a ready made spray bottle hard starch specifically for thread, yarn and fabric. Stiffy and Stiffen Quick are the ones I’ve used. (They smell like pva “Elmer’s” glue, and that has me curious if I could just water down regular glue and make my own?!?)

not so secret garden

The air is heavy, we’ve had a very stormy grey (dotted with lovely patches of sunny) beginning to spring. All the extra moisture has made my hair super fuzzy, but also brings out the lush gardens ♥

Off the side porch, the walking path to the backyard is almost completely swallowed up by lilacs. I don’t know if they are extra fragrant this year, but it seems every room in the house is wonderfully filled with their sweetness.

To add to the romantic cottage in the woods feel, I made a giant outdoor doily blanket using the utterly gorgeous Anya pattern. I mostly did this to hide the fact that (because my porch furniture is nut-brown) the bastard squirrels felt compelled to chew off all the back cushion piping! (total jerks)

 Welcome to our shabby granny porch, in our not so secret garden  ♥