Ending like I began or beginning like I ended.

When I first taught myself to crochet most of my hooks, patterns and yarns were found second hand, so a lot of what I made had a modern granny feel, studying the patterns, memorizing the terms and learning the delicate movements of thread crochet gave me such an appreciation for the tools, the dedication ofContinue reading “Ending like I began or beginning like I ended.”

not so secret garden

The air is heavy, we’ve had a very stormy grey (dotted with lovely patches of sunny) beginning to spring. All the extra moisture has made my hair super fuzzy, but also brings out the lush gardens. Off the side porch, the walking path to the backyard is almost completely swallowed up by lilacs. I don’t know if they areContinue reading “not so secret garden”

Be Your Own Betsy Ross

Why not add some sweet old-time charm to the house front & crochet up your very own flag! This Pattern is from an old 1942 Spool Cotton Company booklet entitled Gift Shopping with Crochet, Book 191. I fell for this flag straight off! I love things like this, things that are a little quirky & perfectly useful! When I read intoContinue reading “Be Your Own Betsy Ross”