Cake Batter Muffins

When my sister first shared this recipe with me, I didn’t believe her. Crazy soft & squishy, freak your mouth out muffins with only 2 ingredients ..please.

But it’s true.

All you need is:

One 15 oz can pumpkin (OR soda pop *see end of this post for variation).

One 18.25 oz box cake mix (any flavor we’ve used butter, yellow, white, orange, spice, chocolate, REALLY ANY FLAVOR you like!)

Mix the pumpkin and the cake mix. DON’T add any eggs, oil or water! NOTHING, just the pumpkin & the cake mix powder! Keep mixing until there isn’t any powdery spots. 

The batter will be a bit thick, so spoon them as best as you can into lined muffin tins. They don’t rise much, so I fill them pretty full and bake as directed on the box. Usually 350º for 18-25 min. Check with a tooth pick, if it comes out clean they’re done! These orange pumpkin muffs took right around 25 min.

*Stir raisins, cranberries or nuts into the batter.
* Sprinkle a little raw sugar on top, prior to baking for a sweet crunch.
* Eat just the batter. 

Also they can be vegan, just check your cake mix box (we found Duncan Hines only contained wheat & soy :)

*This same super easy recipe can be changed up by simply substituting one 12oz can of soda pop for the can of pumpkin & following the same steps as above! Imagine, french vanilla root beer muffins, red velvet Dr.Pepper muffins, Pepsi spice muffins or maybe strawberry sprite muffins! SODA MUFFINS!

*The soda batter will be a bit loose, more like traditional cupcake batter. With these I only fill the tins ½ to ¾ full (they don’t rise much either) but they are a more spongy cake like texture than the pumpkin muffins & if you over fill them, they may cave a little in the centers because of their softness.

Oh the possibilities & combinations! What’s not to love!

Thanks sister!

4 thoughts on “Cake Batter Muffins

  1. I made these and they came out excellent! Put some raw sugar on top before cooking them!! If I want to use a can of soda, you only use the cake mix and soda? nothing else??


  2. I made these yesterday with a spice cake mix. They are really nice. I wish I’d added some raisins and/or nuts to the mix and maybe a little more spice to amp up the flavor. I’ll be making these again. Thanks for sharing the recipe.



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