Cake Batter Muffins

When my sister first shared this recipe with me, I didn’t believe her. Crazy soft & squishy..freak your mouth out muffins with only 2 ingredients..please.

But it’s true…

All you need is:

one 15 oz can pumpkin (OR soda pop *see end of this post for variation)
one 18.25 oz box cake mix (any flavor we’ve used butter, yellow, white, orange, spice, chocolate…REALLY ANY FLAVOR you like! )

mix the pumpkin and the cake mix (you DON’T add any eggs, oil or water! NOTHING just the pumpkin & the cake mix powder!) keep mixing until there isn’t any powdery spots. 

the batter will be a bit thick, so spoon them as best as you can into lined muffin tins. They don’t rise much, so I fill them pretty full and bake as directed on the box ..usually 350º for 18-25 min. Check with a tooth pick, if it comes out clean they’re done! (these orange pumpkin muffs took right around 25 min :)

*stir raisins, cranberries or nuts into the batter
* sprinkle a little raw sugar on top, prior to baking for a sweet crunch
* eat just the batter 

The best part is they have no eggs or fatty oils in they are low-fat & the pumpkin is full of vitamins & fiber. Making them seriously yummy and not so rotten for you!

Also they can be vegan, just check your cake mix box (we found Duncan Hines only contained wheat & soy :)

*This same super easy recipe can be changed up by simply substituting one 12oz can of soda pop (regular or diet) for the can of pumpkin & following the same steps as above! Imagine… french vanilla root beer muffins, red velvet Dr.Pepper muffins, Pepsi spice muffins or maybe strawberry sprite muffins! SODA MUFFINS!

*The soda batter will be a bit loose, more like traditional cupcake batter. With these I only fill the tins ½ to ¾ full (they don’t rise much either) but they are a more spongy cake like texture than the pumpkin muffins & if you over fill them, they may cave a little in the centers because of their softness.

Oh the possibilities & combinations! What’s not to love!

Thanks sister!