the thing about socks

..they aren’t just for your feet..

I adore sock monkeys, well anything sock animal, well REALLY anything that is practical/useful, that has a dual purpose & the ability of turning into something ultra sweet like sock animals!

Recently I picked up this sock monkey book, it’s printed on a heavy weight matte stock (it feels so good) & is filled with seriously sweet hand drawings depicting the techniques used to create all of the different 40+ animals & dolls, it’s 48 pages and was only $10! Hopefully you can find it locally, or you can always get it online from them directly at (it looks like on their site you can get 1 lb of monkey sock 2nds for cheap!) If you happen to have an old pair of socks lying around (really any kind of sock will work) and want to have a go at making a sock monkey or elephant, here are their original free instructions!

This isn’t even my 1st sock animal book, it’s my 5th.

Really who wouldn’t love a ribbed elephant or sock BANANA!

I’m not even sure what it is about socks, I have quite a few knitting books on socks too, but I have never even tried to knit a pair, I like the idea of it though!

Everyone in my family is slightly sock obsessed, well, they like to “wear” them.

My daughter:  Loves anything plaid, argyle or wild, usually a thinner dress style sock, toes, no toes, long, short is doesn’t matter, if they match eeeh it’s ok, even better if they don’t! She will wear a sock even after it has a hole!?! She has a christmas shoe (instead of a stocking) and loves it when we fill it with socks!

My husband: I think if he could have one wish, it would be to have new socks for every day of his life, he says there is just something wondrous about a snug, well-fitting sock. His favorites are goldtoes & smartwool in browns, greys & earth tones, crew length. He has left & right socks !?! When pairing socks once long ago, he said “you have 2 lefts there.” I said “what?” he explained that with his large feet he actually has a left & a right sock and I was paring up 2 lefts. All I could do was laugh! 

Me: I tend to favor stripes, wide stripes (¼” -½”wide) usually gray with another color, orange, green, somewhat of a witchypoo sock, 100% cotton, but in reality, I am usually barefoot.

The dog: anything soft and squishy, he will hunt out lose socks. Sometimes he will just wander into where you are with a sock tongue hanging out the side of his mouth & look at you like…what? He has a thing for kleenex too.

The cat: She’s indifferent towards socks, but I guess, really prefers to be barefoot too!

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