finishing up

finished .. I completely love crochet linen stitch ♥

finished .. barely summer and it’s already humid as all get out .. but I’m still making the weaves like it’s fall ♥

finished .. custom purple proper motion in for a proper soak in the sink with my rosewood wool wash ..dreams ♥

– ALSO, DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE MAKING ORIGINAL NEW YORK SELTZER AGAIN!!! 1980’s childhood me is freaking out at the memories and adult me freaked out at the price (almost $6 for a 4pack!) ..yes I bought every flavor they had and yes it still comes in the little glass bottles with the weird styrofoam label (still fun to peel!) & the inspirational metal cap ..dreams x1000 ♥

feeling cream

I love the creamy pages of stinky old books, I love the speckled oats in creamy homemade soap, I would love to be a creamy pale flower ..but in actuality I am so very rosy ♥