Quiet Days

Quiet days, not doing too much of anything. I had ordered some soap making supplies a while back and they finally arrived, mostly boring stuff, but, I randomly threw a fragrance oil called Galactic Grape in my basket ..oh goodness.. today I’m diffusing it and the house smells like scratch and sniff grape soda, and I have to say it’s one of the best things I’ve done.

Here’s one of my old 2012 soaping blog posts if you’re interested in hearing more about soap :)

PSA: I don’t know a lot about aromatherapy and usually I’m a constant rule breaker, but not so much with plants/herbs, oils and manufactured scents, some things can be irritating to your body, toxic to inhale or ingest, know your ingredients, oils and fragrances usage percent and that they are skin, pet and home safe before using.

Quick makes, looking for solutions to optimize my fabric yardage, always striving for zero waste, but no matter how hard I try, I still end up with little bits leftover. I hadn’t made scrunchies for Lex since she was a kid, so that’s what I did with some of those little bits in the tiny summer studio the other day.

Trying not to read too much into this.

I also made some resin charm dangle thingies, that one says “my heart is flammable when I see your beautiful eyes” I clipped the quote out of a cute notebook I’ve been using for grocery lists. Every page is a different color and has sweet, funny and creepy quotes, that just make me smile. The runner up quote from my cute notebook is below ..yikes!

finishing up

finished .. I completely love crochet linen stitch ♥

finished .. barely summer and it’s already humid as all get out .. but I’m still making the weaves like it’s fall ♥

finished .. custom purple proper motion in for a proper soak in the sink with my rosewood wool wash ..dreams ♥

– ALSO, DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE MAKING ORIGINAL NEW YORK SELTZER AGAIN!!! 1980’s childhood me is freaking out at the memories and adult me freaked out at the price (almost $6 for a 4pack!) ..yes I bought every flavor they had and yes it still comes in the little glass bottles with the weird styrofoam label (still fun to peel!) & the inspirational metal cap ..dreams x1000 ♥

feeling cream

I love the creamy pages of stinky old books, I love the speckled oats in creamy homemade soap, I would love to be a creamy pale flower ..but in actuality I am so very rosy ♥