finishing up

finished .. I completely love crochet linen stitch ♥

finished .. barely summer and it’s already humid as all get out .. but I’m still making the weaves like it’s fall ♥

AMANDA OCHOCKI purple proper motion

finished .. custom purple proper motion in for a proper soak in the sink with my rosewood wool wash ..dreams ♥

ALSO, DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE MAKING ORIGINAL NEW YORK SELTZER AGAIN!!! 1980’s childhood me is freaking out at the memories and adult me freaked out at the price (almost $6 for a 4pack!) ..yes I bought every flavor they had and yes it still comes in the little glass bottles with the weird styrofoam label (still fun to peel!) & the inspirational metal cap ..dreams x1000 ♥

One thought on “finishing up

  1. Amanda the beautiful faded colorways are gorgeous! Make what makes you happy kinda like peeling that styrofoam label of the seltzer water! Hehe….I did that too!



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