surprisingly productive

..not really, well kind of ..maybe?

I made myself a thing! (a planner like thing!) While I never really considered myself busy enough to require any sort of organization system (besides the occasional TO DO list or grocery list and I usually just scrawled the info onto bits of paper and tucked them in pockets ..often lost and then found ..always too late) Once I found a list months later “REMEMBER: change light bulb, chow mein” hum.. these were important enough to require a write down, but REALLY, did I REALLY need to remind myself  to change that bulb or what I wanted to cook for supper that night and ultimately I lost this list so what the hell did we end up eating in the dark!?! But lets face it I am a list maker, a jotter down of ideas, a forgetter of dates and I loose stuff, so I’m kind of hoping this ends up being a thing I will use. Not to mention, I’ve always had an ridiculous obsession with paper products & stationary, pens & pencils, a complete sucker for cute & kooky office products (minus the actual office!)
I styled it after the ever popular travelers notebook system, but I wanted it to be very me, which meant cute and lots of pockets! I happen to have made all of the notebooks and folders for this, but I did want to have the option for buying premade notebooks if I didn’t feel like making my own.
(larger Moleskine cahier and junior legal pads will fit in here!)
This was the very first one I made and it will hold roughly 3 notebooks and 2 folders without any bulge out ..just barely though! I got smarter with the second one (made for a friend) .. a smidge larger all around so more goodies could be tucked inside, super cute Kokka lucky penguin fabric  & improved vinyl sewing with business card pockets!
Oh and just because this will help motivate me .. a new pen & lead holder from Kaweco ♥
ok now I’m ready to do this thing!