9/19/18 things

I’m kind of a perfectionist, it’s mellowed as I’ve gotten older, but some of those deep traits are still there. I work in my studio occasionally ..actually pretty infrequently for having a dedicated space and I really want that to change. I’m not entirely sure what the hang up is, but I’m starting with aContinue reading “9/19/18 things”

Early September

That time of year that casually floats back and forth between summer and fall.   There’s been windows open days and sweltering melt in a puddle days.   There’s been cold lunches and hot suppers.   There’s been procrastiknitting, travel knitting, and actual knitting.   There’s been good days and bad days. There’s been bookstores […]

Late August

The changing light softens my rush, slow knits and murky colors are now filling my thoughts. I’m ready to breathe again, life’s been slightly uncomfortable and filled with much too much stuff. I only have the tiniest of sock toes to show. The oaks are shedding and the squirrels are bickering about it. Again withContinue reading “Late August”