9/19/18 things


I’m kind of a perfectionist, it’s mellowed as I’ve gotten older, but some of those deep traits are still there.

I work in my studio occasionally ..actually pretty infrequently for having a dedicated space and I really want that to change. I’m not entirely sure what the hang up is, but I’m starting with a deep clear out, some monochromatic reorganization (to lessen my visual over stimulation) and a light shift in how I use the space. Can you have too many art supplies?


One idea is to move my stash up there and have an always accessible place for my swift and winder.

The finished idea motivates me, but I really really f-ing hate the process, the mess and the overwhelm. Oh hey distraction, I made a ice cream charm! (p.s it’s not strawberry, it’s bubblegum)


And there was also realtime ice cream distraction ..they may have went to the parlor without me, but they brought me home a pint of half melted Superman!


4 thoughts on “9/19/18 things

    1. Haha that’s the truth, it’s far easier to make judgment calls when there is zero attachment to the stuff! I’m thankful Lex (my daughter) is willing to help me pull, clean and sort the piles, she is currently the voice of reason on what stays and goes ..I guess I didn’t need 4 huge bundles of scrapbook paper, when I’ve never actually scrapbooked a day in my life! Donated and going to a better home!


  1. You’re inspiring me! You have the neatest toys…I have some neat toys and I don’t know where they are! You see the problem……..



    1. Aww Julie thanks 💕 I completely understand. I was getting burried by my stuff, and some of my favorites were so hidden and out of sight, I couldn’t appreciate them! I need to do a little clean up, and keep only useful & inspiring things, you should find your favorites and it them on display!



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