it sometimes happens

The original. It was back in January when I got the email, it was from Vickie Howell saying she had stumbled across one of my photos online and was wondering if I would mind if she used it in her upcoming book. I was shook, cripes I watched Vickie on PBS and Knitty Gritty whenContinue reading “it sometimes happens”

let’s not

That time we moved the bed and that night neither of us could sleep because we had a new side, and after midnight we flipped and tried sleeping at the foot of the bed and it still didn’t feel right, and the only good things that came out of it were you found your chessContinue reading “let’s not”

studio official

It didn’t get painted, but it did get a pretty decent makeover. 💕 I reorganized, but now I don’t remember where I put everything. 💕 It didn’t get very minimalist, but it did get a thorough clearing out and decluttering  💕 I didn’t take before photos ..why didn’t I take any before photos?!? (Mostly because I’m lame, butContinue reading “studio official”