Bright Moments

Taking a moment, slowing down, drifting back & forth between all the things that give me joy


a little crochet,


a little nerdy stitching for him,


a little collecting, sorting, sifting & snarking,


organizing like with unlike and scissors with scissors.


Giving a quiet moment to memories, to sadness, to the background ache,


to the melancholy that creeps in when something good, bad or indifferent, ends, begins or stays the same.


Bright studio moments for not dead plants & for giant cones of red wool,


and for creating tiny treats, small enough for a mouse’s pocket.


Moments for loving grouchy grinches & for just plain love,


and maybe a little extra moment for the love of 8 homemade butter mints.

4 thoughts on “Bright Moments

  1. This is a lovely post, thank you. “Background ache”… yes. It’s familiar, like an old sad friend, whom I respect and honor. We must be gentle with ourselves.

    I love all these pictures especially much! thank you as ever for the beauty & inspiration.


  2. Lovely post and photos. My “background ache” is my dear mom, gone 18 years but never more present than at Christmas. Thank you, Amanda


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