Truly Boring


So I guess I really am just as sun bleached SPF 50+ washed out colorless summer fade, plain jane socks and vanilla cake cones as it appears.

Not So Boring Fact: I actually once won a years worth of ice cream :)

4 thoughts on “Truly Boring

    1. I agree, give me all the pale pinks, creamy whites and soft greys, I can appreciate the craftsmanship in muted colors, nothing distracting me from the details 💘

      (But like we’ve talked, I am just so messy, so give me all the dark blacks & greys for clothes!)


  1. There’s something very comforting about vanilla
    I once won 3 lbs of Jarlsberg cheese – good, but not as good as a year of ice cream


    1. 😊 That’s not a bad win either! Thankfully mine came in the form of vouchers, we laughed at the idea of a giant refrigerated truck dropping of barrels at the front door 😅


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