collector maker may be as simple as a shape, a color or a memory, nothing expensive, but sometimes just as priceless and irreplaceable ..a once in a life time sorta thing ya know ♥ Constantly evolving collections, things come in and things go away. Living with smashers, so often things end up broken and anything I bring in, I do so fully knowing that it may have a very short stay with me, so I love the guts out of it while I can and when I can’t anymore, I thank it for bring me joy, rip it apart and make it into something equally as beautiful but completely different.

AMANDA OCHOCKI my vintage crystal knobby bits

..I’m a collector of old bits of glass and crystal ..not fancy vases, bowls or goblets, more like chandelier shards, perfume stops and doorknobs ♥ when my sister moved out of her last house, I asked if I could change out all of her glass knobs before she left, she looked at me like I was typical weird me, “why would you want them?” ..she smiled and gave me two that had been left behind on a shelf in her linen closet and were going to be re-abandoned by her! WHAT WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE THESE BEHIND!? ..two is good enough though, what would I have done with some 20 odd glass knobs? My little 1900’s farmhouse with its (sometimes rachet) brass knobs getting all fancy ..nah ♥

..I’m a maker of granny neckwear and brooches,  I’m gonna rock this or try to, in a Miss Marple kind of way ♥

..I’m a lover of every kind of grey (days included ♥)

AMANDA OCHOCKI hey im amanda

..I’m Amanda ♥

2 thoughts on “collector maker

  1. Oh that brooch is so gorgeous Amanda and the granny neckwear 👵🏼 and the sweet Pinecone 💗 Love the crystal knobs I used to have a small bag full of green glass knobs….no idea where or what has happened to them…or what I would do with them if I knew😂😘



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