that kind of day started out a little bit wool and cashmere

..leading into loving something that for 95% of the knit, looked like a wonked up rumpled mess (blocking makes me feel so adequate!)

…then fulfilling speckled yarn quota (one)



AMANDA OCHOCKI Potato Harvest 2015

…ending with POTATOES!
(we probably got exactly 5 lbs of potatoes from the 5 lbs of seed potatoes we planted (hum) we might be doing something wrong, because breaking even was not the term the potato masters used when schooling us)

7 thoughts on “that kind of day

  1. Oh how sad about the potatoes :-( the speckled yarn looks delightful! And the scrunchy cowl is pretty love 💗 You are funny Amanda …adaquate….haha….you are AWesome!!! Silly


    1. No, you’re awesome! For some reason it’s still always a little surprising to me when anything grows, so even the littlest of harvests makes me high five nature …seeing how I usually have a black thumb!


    1. I can’t seem to get enough either, expecially the candy colors! Makes my no more new yarn rule (well, self imposed “suggested” rule ;) impossible to keep! E, Tosh is SO DANG GOOD!!


  2. Oh, that yarn looks just beautiful. And the scarf – perfection. So glad I’m finally going to take knitting lessons. I’ll be happy to finally move beyond the basic knit stitch.


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