What’s been keeping you?

Tokyo Cream Shawl
Thoroughly love struck lace ♥ unbelievably flawless shaping all tenderly grounded with beautifully substantial garter …utter perfection in wool.
Pattern: Tiger Lily Shawl

Pink Sugar Frais
I am crazy sweet on this double brimmed, subtle waffle textured, buttery soft, bubblegum colored hat made of SUGAR!
Pattern: frais

Double Frosting
Delicious pattern meets perfectly scrumptious yarn, a plump double loop of plush love ♥
Pattern: Kiss Of Frost Scarves and Cowls

No realistic rodent colors for Lex .. softly blue and candy tailed ♥
Pattern: Rats!

Lady Extraordinaire
Peaceful to work, flattering to wear and fully customizable to any size or yarn (omg) I couldn’t ask for anything more exquisitely ladylike ♥
Pattern: Caramel Frappé

MY FAVORITE (take my breath away) YARN ♥ E.V.E.R.
Colour Adventures by Elena Nodel (Anadiomena on Ravelry)
I think I love you!

Quite possibly the most kaleidoscopically beautiful and awful tasting watermelon we’ve ever had ..aww bye bye summer!

While it’s no secret Jason and I are by no means model groundskeepers, in fact we prefer to let everything be a bit more natural, a bit overgrown, a bit purposefully tousled. It’s that kind of unkempt magic we find irresistible ..no apologies ..no chemicals ..just a cozy love filled home all wrapped up in dreamy charm. I hope you are getting thoroughly lost in living and NOT in yardwork!


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