make and grow


Summer has swept us away .. it feels like just moments ago we were anticipating Lex home for the summer and now today it seems all too soon she will be going back and the missing will start all over again. I keep telling myself this is exactly what is suppose to happen ..they grow and grow and at some point become grown and it feels really good to know you did it right, you loved her and gave her everything she needed to be awesome and then she was. ♥


We’ve been doing some picking from the garden, the tomatoes are ripening one, two, this slow going almost nonexistent tomato bounty is making me crazy! I will end up eating them ALL if they only come in ones, once a day. Right now I wish they would all just ripen, so I could do something big with the lot of them, I’m currently dreaming of salsa, homemade ketchup and tomato sauce ..but so far they have just been lunch.


I also canned some dilly beans and pickled some cucumbers ..yummy sour dills and spicy bread and butters! I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to set them on the shelf to “age” outside of refrigeration ..does that just happen at some point when you run out of fridge space, you have no choice but to puff out your chest, take a deep breath and place your processed jars in the cellar/pantry and then sometime, months down the road have the nerve to really and truly open them up and eat what’s inside!?! I just don’t know if I could and seriously cannot explain why I’m such a chicken about it. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right (like 100%) but at the same time pretty sure I don’t want to die from canned peaches!!

There are other things I’m completely ok with sitting out, Jason is a brewer and always has a few things fermenting in the corner, today it’s honey mead and sweet cherry wine. My only concern at the moment is all the bubbling and frothing going on over there in the dark shadows and the smell I’m getting off those burping carboys of over ripe bananas (which I am told is perfectly ok) ..weird..


I also managed to smash my finger in the main floor bathroom window (Bijou’s favorite sunny spot) it’s one of the few original hardware/odd size windows left downstairs (and I kind of love it) all warbly and charming, but apparently it’s also an asshole.


..but I was still able to do some tiny nerdy knitting, not so elementary, but I went all Sherlocky and charted my very own 221B wallpaper dress (I used the basic cap sleeve dress from the seasonal dress pattern and popped in my own chart for the colorwork :)

Pattern: Seasonal Dresses by Julie Williams of little cotton rabbits.

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