Massive computer issues in chalkland (yes the one that is ALWAYS giving me issue) I have been nursing it along, patches so my old programs will still work, backing things up and hoping I got it all, but I’m sure I didn’t. I have a few more ideas to try, before I call it a day or punch it in its flipping computer face!

I have been forced to use Jason’s laptop and it’s like trying to say the alphabet backwards, brush your teeth with the opposite hand or that embarrassing moment when you second guess your equating skills and have to work simple math with your fingers. It should be easy, effortless and elementary until you try to, then it makes you all flustered, angry and uncomfortable.

I have no favorites on here, none of my “programs”, no music (well not my music anyways), nerdy-est of all, the wallpaper is a scientific rendering of the stars within 20 light years from galactic center (total geek) and trust me, Jason is none to thrilled to have me messing about on here.

But I’ve been keeping busy in other ways!

Bert got a bunny suit for easter! The pattern is from Theatre of Yarns and fits her Constance doll (that’s Bert to us) pattern perfectly and also real life babies.

I worked up some really sweet bunny slippers, the pattern is from Lorin Jean at Two Girls Patterns.

I knit a gigantic lace square (12″ x 12″) this is a Japanese charted pattern called the Kunst Lace Square. I originally started this as a dishcloth (beautiful right!) but as it got bigger and bigger I regretted using worsted cotton, nothing worse than an unruly huge floppy saggy soggy dishcloth …ugh…

Wow, look how magical they would be joined together in a blanket!

p.s. The only computer with Photoshop was my now dead one, fudge!

Silly little frog, made mini using crochet thread and turned into a pin by stitching a bar pin on the back. I stuck it on Lex’s favorite bag and waited for her to see it!

The  pattern is from Thomasina Cummings and was worked as mystery CAL.

An oversized garden owl for my sister, made with cheap weatherproof acrylic, so she can hang it outside to freak out the animals! The pattern is Owl Hanger In Macrame Style from Thomasina Cummings.

It’s a big one compared to my other owls, measuring in at just over 14” wide by 18½” long (without the 6” tail feathers!) I made super bulky yarn from worsted weight, using this incredible plying method!

Ok time to get back to reality or at least off Jason’s annoying laptop and get back to work on mine, either that f’ing computer will blow up or I will ..it’s always so love/hate with me, wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “fudge..

  1. All of your projects are FABOO, Chalkie! Hey, until you have Photoshop again, try the online picmonkey.com. It’s a pretty good basic photo editing site! Happy Spring!


  2. Your tiny frog ♥ the beautiful lace square ★ the awesome bunny suit ☀ bunny slippers and a giant pink owl terrific!!!! Sorry your computer needs a punch in the face, make sure and wrap your fist first :-) ~ Dona


    1. lol I will! It’s hilarious how frustrated I get and I know I’m being irrational in thinking a smack or keyboard punch would do anything but break it worse!



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