Crochet Hook Hybrid

I love cute & I love quirky, I love simple & I love useful. I love things that pretend to be other things, things that look like one thing but are used to do something completely different or have a use other than what is expected or what was originally intended, a true dual-purpose object…

I collect pens, not just average pens, usually pens with funny or cute images, sweet improper sayings or just in fun shapes & colors. Sometimes they have parts that move, like the pen on the far right (almost cut off in the photo) is pom pom purin’s little bump of a tail on his back side, his ears move up & down when the pen is clicked open & he has a little brown butthole! Seriously! I bought him just for his chocolate snowflake!

When I have loved a pen so much, to the point of empty or bought a pen purely based on its looks & then come to find out it has crappy ink, what can I do? Throw it away? NEVER! ..find a new hand happy use ..OH YES! I love these perfectly adorable useless pens. Don’t get me wrong I can toss a ugly pen without hesitation, but what pen lover buys ugly pens?

Empty Pen + Crochet Hook = Dual Purpose Recycled Object = ergonomic grip, beefs up those tiny steel hooks so they don’t kill your hands & its CUTE to boot! Here’s what I did…

I just emptied out the ink stick & made sure my steel hook could go into the metal tip far enough to be useful, if it’s plastic you can easily enlarge it with heat.

This would work with any hook/pen combo. I use a “knife grip” when it comes to holding my hooks & I love this! I can only imaging a “pencil grip” person would LOVE this even more!

I filled the end of the barrel with beads to keep the hook pushed up tight into the tip and to also keep it from moving around, giving it almost a self leveling base to rest on & it was super easy to add more or take out beads to make it fit perfect. You could stuff the end with cotton or tinfoil or put some glue it in too. I wanted something removable, just incase I didn’t want it to be permanent or I wanted to switch out the hook size.

The clear barrel on this worked out perfectly, I can still see the hook size..awesome! I liked the cap too, so I just popped it on the back end, no glue, but you could!

You can make it even more colorful & comfy by adding a squishy rubber pencil grip to your new creation. P.S that red one smells like WATERMELON!

My hook hybrid was inspired by these from LadyWillow’s Designs, if you would rather have a downloadable PDF she has one up on her website.

 A perfect way to recycle & reuse! Save the earth & Save our hands!

11 thoughts on “Crochet Hook Hybrid

  1. Wow, what a cute pen collection! And thank you so much for sharing this! I’m a “knife” gripper, too, and holding on to those tiny little hooks kills my hands after a while. I’m totally going to find some cute pens and get to work!


  2. great idea, and so cute. But how would it work work with the bigger needles? They won’t fit through the top part of the pen.


    1. I find (for me atleast) it’s only the tiny steel hooks that give my hands loads of trouble, so I never thought of making it work for bigger hooks! I’m thinking marker or highlighter tubes, there are some really big barreled pens out there too, you may need to heat the plastic tip a little, then you could enlarge the hole to allow for a larger hook!?!


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