little love No.1

A blue valentine.

I’ve been smitten, well maybe ridiculously fixated, with a little crochet heart from an old workbasket magazine, the “heart in crochet” from Vol. 24, No. 5 February 1959 to be exact! (Ravelry page for the original) I have a few issues of workbasket, but mine are all from the 40’s. So while totally obsessing on that heart, I stumbled across this pineapple crochet heart pattern, it worked up perfectly and completely soothed my crazy for the original heart.

important things of note:

1. While not completely identical to the workbasket heart, when done in thread…it’s almost a perfect match! The only difference, this pattern has one less shell under the pineapple bit & a few less spokes on the base of the pineapple.

2. I used a 1.65mm (7) hook & #10 thread (if you want it bigger use the patterns suggested 4mm (G) hook and corresponding yarn)

3. When you get to row 11, you will be just working ½ the heart (basically 1 hump) you’ll break yarn at the end of row 14. Then reattach on the other side to finish the other hump (the line after row 14 that begins with “right side facing” should have a ch 2 after “st sh in same space”

4. If you like my postage stamp edging, here is how I worked it…on round 2 of the border work a sc, ch2, sc in each ch3 space. Would be sweet with any border!

5. Mine measure 3½ wide x 3¾” tall (I didn’t block or starch it..but you could:)

6. I will probably still buy every single copy of workbasket I run across..but its good to remove one knotch from my crochet ocd belt!

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