I live in a wonderfully terrible turn of the century farmhouse, wonderful for the practical simplicity & old-time charm, terrible for the upkeep and drafts. If you live in an older home you know exactly what I mean.

I don’t think there is a straight wall in my house…rest assured it is solid & strong, but truly built by hand…the only power tools used were people driven. I have spindly winding stairs off the main floor bath that lead down to a limestone basement. I have creepy crawl spaces, where we are finding never-ending surprises. (we actually found somebody’s porno stash in one of the basement walls!)

I have wallpaper from the 30s lining all my closets, when we moved in we found birds eye maple floors under the orange shag dog carpet. Narrow steep stairs & horsehair walls lead you to the bedrooms. To the right a porcelain tub & fixtures in an upstairs bath, tiled in baby blue from the 50s. There is a strange little door in the ceiling in the upstairs hallway that leads to an attic, where you can see roofline changes & additions to my houses silhouette.

I have a porch.

I have storm windows, I have wood siding, My garage has one tiny square window & a square hip roof (pyramid roof)..I love my little garage! I have drafts, I have spiders…BIG spiders. I have giant oak trees that rain acorns and creek in the wind.

You cannot dig in my yard without unearthing something old and rusty or hitting masonry..once we found a No. 6 crock lid by our little shed.

I guess you could say I live in an old time farmhouse in the middle of the city…the city was built around me. 

I do so love my house, I only wish I could pick it up and move it to the middle of nowhere…I’ll just add that to my exhaustive fix-it list, right after MORE OUTLETS! 

Now you can get your own little house blueprints, my NINETEEN HUNDRED HOUSE pdf pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry and Etsy

Wont you roll up your sleeves and get down to business, good old fashion hard work, resulting in a perfectly useful hand built little knit house made sturdy & strong.

A tribute to Housework ..NOPE.. A tribute to a house!


  1. I live in a very similar house…old farmhouse…that is now in the city limits…has charm…but also drafts…and had a porch…that the last storm demolished with a branch. I do love my house too….but at the same time so much upkeep that is not affordable. This house could be my house…looks a lot like it…just rust…not green.


    1. Mine is actually a butter yellow color, but I really liked the green! I totally know where your coming from, sometimes I think how nice would it be to have a brand new house…or at least parts of a brand new house…new floors, new electrical, new plumbing, walls/woodwork that only has 1 coat of paint instead of 5 or 6, all the same style of windows and all properly working.

      But then I get to looking at the new houses with their hallow core doors, warbly siding, office space interiors, treeless turf lawns and think wow where has all the personality gone?

      I would take my money pit falling in around me over that :D

      (I was seriously disappointed when we had to change out the flush handle on the upstairs toilet the replacement was cheap plastic! I asked my husband if he could retrofit the old metal flusher to work on the new system, he laughed at me…no)


  2. We put a new roof on our old house two years ago, They started putting the roof on, then realized that there were too many layers already and had to rip the old off and put down new plywood and then the new roofing. The house is one year older than me and is two blocks from the house I lived in, until I was 10 years old. A house in town alright, but this is an old railroad town. Garage added on, and then a room added on top of the garage, closet has 1940’s but looks like 1910 flowered wallpaper, tiny window in closet even. One electrical outlet in room. Old furnace registers and arch between living room and dining room, you oughta see the neat mail slot–door opens on the outside and mail drops to inside where there is a wrought iron lacy cover. Teeny, tiny closets in the main floor bedrooms. I love it.


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