invention exchange

Growing up in Minnesota in the late 80’s you could not help but be an MST3K fan, it basically was a prerequisite. It was based here, the crew were from here and they referenced Minnesota all the time. I was a teen when it first came out & my boyfriend (now husband) was just as big a nerd for it as I was.

We recently had a chance to see the Cinematic Titanic Live show when it came to Minneapolis. It was a Saturday night, the film was Rattlers and it was being recorded for release as one of their live DVD’s. We had a stage side table (right by the recording mics) and I can’t wait to see if I can hear us busting out laughing on the DVD! We were able to meet the cast (all of whom were original to MST3K) after the show. There was laughter, lude jokes, music & magic! ..It was perfect!

I spent yesterday lounging with Jason streaming old episodes of mystery science just like we were 17 again.


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