little love No.2

…watches..all shapes..all sizes..but mostly Swatch

It began for me in the late 80’s, I was a teen with some extra christmas money & a fateful trip to Daytons in the mall. I remember they only had a few styles to choose from…ideally I wanted 2 so I could wear them at the same time, but they were around $40 EACH! Damn that is almost all my cash! Ok, I‘ll take the black one with the little moon & house. So the obsession began. Later my husband added to my collection by giving me that lovely pale pink Irony…

20+ years later..I now have a collection & just this past Christmas I bought my daughter her first swatch (Touch) and as a teen with extra Christmas money & a fateful trip the Mall of America (which happens to have a full SWATCH store!) she used her extra cash to by a 2nd swatch and just like me she had a tough time choosing the perfect one.