Late August

The changing light softens my rush, slow knits and murky colors are now filling my thoughts.

I’m ready to breathe again, life’s been slightly uncomfortable and filled with much too much stuff.

I only have the tiniest of sock toes to show.

The oaks are shedding and the squirrels are bickering about it. Again with that changing light, late August chilly evenings are my favorite 💕

I may be undoing more than I’m doing, but that’s ok, getting lost in a moment of simple distraction (whether or not productive) is beautifully useful in its own way.

I am …

a pockets on everything

dangly charm bracelet wearing

wool hoarder.

Who appreciates a semi-tidy, lightly stuffed with “options” knitting bag, complete with a second fold-away bag tucked inside just incase of acquisitions/overflow, sprinkle in a few torn out magazine perfume samples for added smelling pleasure (that slow sock is kicking my buns, but is made just a little more tolerable because it smells so damn good!)

and top it all off with a tiny black house brooch reminiscent of my tiny black house and you’ll find me utterly content. 💕

Tell me, what makes you endlessly happy?