I ♥ FREE stuff

I am a collector, a recycler, a reuser of stuff, at least that is what I keep telling myself. I’ve seen the hoarding shows and that’s not me, I swear seriously, I can throw away trash, garbage & broken things. We usually only buy enough food for a week at a time, our daughter is vegan soContinue reading “I ♥ FREE stuff”


Old Victorian era cabinet photographs make my heart skip, chubby little children posing angelicly with giant paper moons, mustached men all dressed up in their woolies getting ready for the long hard winter and  plump schoolmarm bosoms bursting with buttons, tatted collars &  lace pinned up with a lovely cameo.  My family doesn’t have very many old photos, so I adopt these left behind instant relatives every chance I get. Sometimes I thinkContinue reading “1800”