Old Victorian era cabinet photographs make my heart skip, chubby little children posing angelicly with giant paper moons, mustached men all dressed up in their woolies getting ready for the long hard winter and  plump schoolmarm bosoms bursting with buttons, tatted collars &  lace pinned up with a lovely cameo. 

My family doesn’t have very many old photos, so I adopt these left behind instant relatives every chance I get. Sometimes I think about who they were, what they did and how long they had to sit still for that photo to turn out! Some of the best/creepiest photos are of the children who couldn’t sit still with their freaky blurred faces & hands!

Sometimes I try to incorporate the look and feel of that era into my real 2011 life. I made a series of cameo necklaces and brooches, using old bits of book text, photos and glitter set in resin and I think they are some of the prettiest pieces I have ever created. ❤


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