thinking of you

The studio has been quiet these days, deep thoughts and conversations about the world we live in, and how we will continue to educate, remind, and push ourselves to do better, acknowledging and changing the parts that cause harm, understanding the language we use to say things and the actions we take, can both help and hurt. Listening. Speaking up. Shutting shit down. Requiring the same of those around us, while understanding we are all at different points in our learning and unlearning, stumbling, backtracking, reading it again, and again, reaching out and continuing to grow, together.

This Walk Collection Linea bought in 2016, made into something in 2017, frogged after finishing and now becoming something new in 2020, it goes like that sometimes, today it’s a Tramonto Shawl along with a little handmade reminder of the June peonies. 💕

4 thoughts on “thinking of you

  1. While I will never knit or crochet a shawl, I WILL, once again sew fine things. Where did you find such lovely fabric?


    1. It’s from a place called S.R Harris, it’s kind of a mill end/overstock outlet for fabrics. I went back in February, not realizing that it would be my last visit for a long while .. they are back open after the lockdown, but there is no way I’m casual shopping anytime soon with covid still out of control. (Thankfully I have a pretty decent stash to keep me busy!)
      Do you have a favorite shop and what do you like to sew?!?



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