last day of april

Days spent making spring thread flowers, some sturdy cotton, some delicate mohair, along with afternoons sculpting little things. Right now I’m so captured with the rock like strength and slightly transparent matte glow of cold porcelain, that its inconsistencies and flaws (cracking while drying & shrinking) are an after thought. Both pastimes of no real purpose except being lovely to work on.

I started a Hexie Love Actually at the start of the Covid-19 Stay Home order, using all the bits, and giving myself permission to use the precious skeins, because holding onto “too good to use” yarn seems really silly at the moment.

(precious skein 💕)

Packed for travel with nowhere to go, but that’s the idea. Staying home because we can, is a privilege not everyone has, staying home because we are at higher risk is a necessity for some, so we need to look at staying home even when we’re bored, as a service to humankind, saving lives by not being complacent, impatient or ignorant during a pandemic, remember what’s happening worldwide, we can get comfortable with inconvenience once we realize the reality of what’s at stake. Oh and please wear a f’ing mask.

Off to a steady start, making cute little hexie dots. (I modified the regular blanket to a smaller size, there is a version called Mini Hexie Love Actually if you don’t want to fuss with it.)

Trying to randomly pick & place colors, and it’s so much harder than you’d think, chocolate bunny reassuring me all the while. Mild progress.

p.s I’ve never actually finished a knit or crochet blanket.

Rice to curry ratio was off, so leftovers became rice pudding ..truthfully, we always try to make too much rice, because pudding is one of our favorites.

This is a very concerned grandma muffin that happened one crafternoon, she’s oatmeal, I think. 💕


6 thoughts on “last day of april

  1. Beautiful post … thank you for your wonderful words!! Adore your Hexie blanket ….. please finish :-) I do not crochet but this is simply all gorgeous’ness….. and yes, 68 years here but have been making and wearing f’ing masks too!!! :-)


    1. Thank you Arlene, I too hope I can keep my blanket mojo going! Ugh so many people without masks, some of our stores are making masks required to enter, it’s a good idea, why the heck not, it’s a simple and effective tool to prevent the spread.


  2. Oh …. and to add! It is autumn here Downunder and picked my last apples yesterday so will be making apple pies along with other goodies from the Beau Bosc pears…. all for the freezer because we will not be going anywhere for quite some time and hopefully we will then have tasty desserts for the coming winter. Your rice pudding just reminded me to do this too. DH and I were just reminiscing last week about rice pudding desserts from our childhoods. :-)


    1. Oh yum, homemade pies and desserts throughout the winter, sound like a beautiful treat! Comfort food always helps get us through 💗 maybe some rice pudding is in your future …so good! 😄


  3. Maybe Concerned Grandma Muffin and Reassuring Chocolate Bunny could be friends? I feel like they could really get along well, and maybe help each other out, emotionally.

    I’m trying to gear myself up to use some precious skeins. Now is the time!



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